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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  May 16, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> this morning, why a safeway employee is suspended for breaking up a fight >> low clouds and fog and even some drizzle today. >> both directions of the golden gate bridge are under roadworks this morning but no major hot spots. >> good morning everyone, it is may 16th >> we have some breaking news in the east bay, a big police presence in a richmond neighborhood. >> officers have at least shutdown at least one street in the area. >> unfortunately we are learning very little at this point and we expect to have republican permission officer on the scene in a few minutes but there is quite a bit of police activity and we see that police have set
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up a wide perimeter around here. we do know for sure that el is shut down between peggy lee and bayview. we heard reports of a man being barricaded in an apartment and we hear that's what teams have been called in. at this point we are still learning more information on the suspect, a lot of the areas in this neighborhood have been roped off and are waiting for a public information officer to fill us in but we know it has been going on for several hours now and we will be here standing by to give you the latest. >> the latest tax on sugar sweet drinks is heading to the november ballot. richmond might be the first city in the nation with a tax. it calls for 1¢ per ounce tax did soda which would add tens
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cents, up 12¢ per can of soda >> it should be banned from schools because it makes kids get fired up >> problems with the schools, we're always concerned about crime, i don't know if soda is the right place we should be legislating at this point >> supporters say the new tax may raise two-$8 billion annually >> send a clear officials will ask a judge to allow construction as a burial site. the grey guard was found recently on the grounds of the santa clara county medical center along bascom ave. crews stopped work on a new building three months ago when they came upon the graveyard that been paid over several decades ago to make a parking lot. >> there used to be a potter cemetery, we found about 15 pine boxes.
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there could be up to 1450 bodies >> now the county wants the judge to have 100 graves removed and to allow construction to continue with more than 1300 graves left beneath the new offices and a cafeteria >> today marks two months since the disappearance of sierra lamar who has not been seen since march 16th when she walked to a bus stop. volunteers will conduct another search today and anyone who's interested in helping is asked to register at burnett elementary school. police called him a hero but his employer suspended in any way. brian young does not know when or if you will be back at work at safeway in monterey. he was suspended after he stepped in to stop a customer for beating his pregnant girlfriend >> every few seconds he would turnaround in pusher and then he actually kicked her and i told him to calm down and he was
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irate >> we understand about policies but at some point someone needs to do something and in my mind in this case, ryan did the right thing >> even though the suspect and his pregnant wife have no income right now, not the suspect, young, he says he does not regret getting involved >> the video at the center of domestic violence case at the center of share of ross mirkarimi can be used in the upcoming hearing. the clip shows his wife showing a bruise. the ethics commission will use it to decide whether mirkarimi will keep his job after the board of supervisors has there say >> let's take check on the weather. i have been chilly the last few days. it was a little bit breezy out there. illini >> outside we have a cold fog that has moved onshore.
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there is dense fog over skyline boulevard and we will seek it slowly break up today. i think by the afternoon we will watch some of the fog a move out as high pressure sets up over head. the fog is stretched well into the valley. pretty cold out towards the coast. >> we will show you the bay bridge, is pretty quiet. not too many hot spots out there so far. we still have some areas of roadwork including this area northbound 680 by stone ridge. there is one lane blocked and caltrans is expected to clear up a little bit earlier than
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normal. for a quick check of the south bay where everything is free flowing through downtown san jose. >> congress is wrangling with the issue of bank regulation today with a house subcommittee hearing. the $2 billion losses at j.p. morgan chase are adding to the pressure to regulate large banks. democratic lawmakers and others say the trades that led to losses point to the need for stricter rules. most republican lawmakers say it will not happen >> occupy oakland protesters now plan to take on ac transit. the plant told a news time conference today calling to make it more accessible for low- income people. the group intends to show support for transit workers.
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a look at the muni routes affected for 11 days to allow construction crews to make street and rail improvements. >> rain researchers are on the lookout for to entangle whales off the coast. they were spotted near monterey. one of them is a humpback whale paint in a crab net and the other is a gray whale. shark warning signs are up along a beach on the california's central coast after a fisherman says a 14 ft. great white slammed into his boat costing him into the air and eventually into the ocean. the kayak and a 22 in. by a mark on it but the fisherman was not hurt. >> that fisherman got lucky >> more outrage against the csu system
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>> how it is spending thousands of dollars on home and office renovations. >> the second meeting between san,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> protesters are expected this morning in downtown sacramento with the university board of regents is scheduled to talk about another tuition hike proposal. this would be a 6% increase this fall. the final vote is planned for july. there's more controversy over spending in the state university system during times of cutbacks. as csu northridge get the new president some students and faculty says it is inappropriate to spend $350,000
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myriad the camp is interim president says that under guidelines that money could not be spent on things like adding class's. >> a 10 year-old girl from san jose is cooling and she says many of her teachers are terrible. she is one of a group of students represented by a nonprofit group that wants to overturn five state laws including tenure and see your seniority based layoffs >> people who are paid to do a job are doing their job and if they are not they should be fired as the average joe. >> i'm absolutely in salted. i believe that our tests stores in the past couple of years have shown that our teachers are performing at the best that they can't >> alum rock and the l.a. school districts are named in the suits because that is where the plan
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to attend school. >> when governor brown announced big budget cuts he said it was the best he could do but most californians think otherwise. our poll found 58 percent of california voters disapprove of the job he's doing as governor. the do agree with him on how to fix the budget mess. 54 percent say they support his initiatives to raise state sales tax and increase taxes on the wealthy. facebook will help california's financial mess. the state could make more than $2 billion of taxes thanks to the big ipo for facebook coming up. the web site has lost general motors as a customer. the automaker says it is not seen much paying for the buck in its advertising on facebook. >> too dangerous to fly? >> the fighter jet that pilots are scared to get into >> house a bay area mcdonald's
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is taking healthy fast food to an entirely new level >> a fis,,,,,,,,,,
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instantly on any screen. >> if you plan on traveling around the u.s. today we have showers into houston, where showers in denver. nice in chicago at 57. more weather is coming up >> here is a live look at the south bay and san jose. we still have a lot of ongoing road work in the south bay and in north bay. >> today president obama will award the medal of honor to an army specialist skilled back in
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the 1970's. the specialist serve in cambodia during the vietnam war. a spokesperson said the gi would get a medal for his heroic actions when his platoon was ambushed by north vietnamese troops. he saved several lives by tossing away an enemy grenade and shielding a comrade >> investigators say someone posing as a police officer may be responsible for it to deadly shootings. in man and woman were shot and killed in their cars along highways this month. there were 55 mi. apart in the victims did not know each other. the circumstances led investigators to believe the killer could be an impersonator or someone pretending to have car trouble >> a burglary is reported at the home of late football star junior seau. yahoo! reports that someone broke into his home and rummage through cabinets and stole a bicycle. and he apparently did not enter
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the home but just inside the parking garage. the roger clemens perjury tile, clemens lawyer will cross- examine woman's former trainer who testified that he ejected clemens with steroids. yesterday's second juror was dismissed for falling asleep in court. the lawyer of o.j. simpson requesting a new trial for the former nfl star. he was convicted in 2008 of can kidnapping and armed robbery and sentenced to 9-33 years behind bars. >> too dangerous to fly, the trouble f-22 fighter jet is staying on a very short leash. the pentagon announced that the sophisticated jets must fly close to a possible landing locations. the military is trying to short out oxygen supply problems that can leave pilots disoriented.
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in the meantime the air force is speeding up installation of automatic backup oxygen systems. investigators are now analyzing the cockpit voice recorder from a russian jet that slammed into an indonesian volcano last week. soldiers found a black box yesterday. the flight data recorder is still missing but investigators hope that audio recordings will help explain what caused the crash that killed all 45 people on board. the tsa is not adequately reporting and tracking security breaches, that is the conclusion of a recent report by the department of homeland security inspector general. one of the incidents included a passenger with a knife by passing tsa screeners. congress is scheduled to hold a hearing into the new report later today. >> a couple of victories for mitt romney who won yesterday's contest in nebraska and oregon.
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nebraska's primary was basically a beauty contest since its delegates will be chosen at a convention this july. nearly all of oregon's 25 delegates went to mitt romney. san jose adults will be on the hook for underage drinking in their homes. the city council unanimously approved what is called a social host ordinance that finds homeowners for underage drinking parties even if they are not there at the time. the council member that proposed it say it stems from the crash that killed 82010 high-school graduate. >> in my district we have had a death every year because of the fact that kids are drinking in homes and sometimes parents are not even aware of it. >> a few other silicon valley cities have already adopted that law. council members also approved a
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plan to restrict payday winning services in the city that are often used by low-income people who need quick cash in exchange for a postdated check and the feet but the fees can add up for people who can least afford them. the law puts a cap on new businesses and where they can set up their shop >> the so-called octo-mom has suffered a major setback. bankruptcy case was thrown out of court yesterday because she did not file the proper paperwork closure. elise, her father, and a christian school. one of two massage therapist who accused actor john travolta for of sexual battery has withdrawn from a lawsuit because he misstated the date of the alleged incident. the second accuser claims that travolta group in at an atlanta
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hotel last january. >> fast-food giant mcdonald's is often criticized for nutritional value of its foods and now it is making an effort to improve its image. donald's is giving some of its restaurants like this one a bit of a makeover. >> i ordered the chicken nuggets with fries and i don't think it is any healthier. mcdonald's with oatmeal and yogurt with fruit? a new champion of consumer rights has a big appetite as well.
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>> he is protesting and all you can eat food spot that kicked him out. he claims false advertising at chuck's place when he asked for more fried fish after eating one dozen pieces. the restaurant decided to cut him off and he came back with picket signs. one dozen pieces and he was still hungry. >> if it is all you can eat it is all you can eat and not to blame that man because i go to those places and try to get my money's worth. around the bay area today, a lot of low clouds and fog extended on shore into the valleys. we see some drizzle towards the coast line so watch out for that. a little breezy in the bay, 60s there and still some seventies and low 80's in wind. towards the coastline it was a breezy all day long with
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temperatures in the '50s and '60s. high pressure is relinquishing the rain today. it will be near seasonal for the better part of today. it will bring cooler air into the bay area, maybe enough to mix up the low clouds and fog. low clouds and fog beginning to break up today. it looks pretty optimistic on the computer model. the temperatures will break down like this, not bad. 70 in milpitas, 65 degrees in union city. maybe some low 80s in antioch. 74 in santa rosa, 70 in can't field and it should be 60 degrees in san francisco. as we head out over the next couple of days we will cool things down on thursday. temperatures warm up very nicely over the weekend.
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>> it is still easy on the roadways this morning. we still haven't wrapped up including both corrections of the golden gate bridge. you will find a little bit of road work towards the north tower but just a heads up, it is still early so it is causing some minimal blaze. everywhere you see one of those red tabs is an area of road work. once again have road work at the 880/280 interchange. elsewhere, west down 580, yesterday was a rough ride through tracy. a few brake lights at the dublin interchange and once you get towards pleasanton we have
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areas of roadwork. there are lanes blocked scheduled until about 6:00 this morning and more road work through danville. in the east bay, here is a live look at one of the time saver traffic cameras. a 14 minute drive time so taillights are moving northbound and everything looks pretty good all the way up to the downtown oakland exit. southbound is moving fine as well. these are the popular drive times through the east bay. if you have a question once you hit the road turned to 106.9 fm. >> there have been more talked- about moving the golden state warriors across the bay to san francisco. the insider reports the warriors owners met again yesterday with mayor ed lee who has been talking with them about
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building an arena at pier 30 and pier 32. the warriors have hired a number of insiders as those talks continue. along this stage of the amgen tour of california starts today in sonora >> finish line is in clovis. thousands of people cheered on racers for livermore yesterday. sagan continues to dominate the race. he made history after sweeping the first three stages so we will see if he can do it again today. >> key is leading by 12 seconds which is how close he is from the next competitor. >> if you like to fish you need to keep your eyes open all the time.
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>> that will wake you up! he got quite a surprise when he was taping a show called tales from the outdoors when he hooked it this one off the shore. a 40 lb. barracuda flew right into the boat. they're dangerous, lots of teeth. a great piece of video right there. >> good thing didn't hit him. it is for 57 now, is spending showdown today >> the new debate over the debt ceiling >> a true dog fight, how much one man is spending to keep his pop out of california. >> next, we will tell you what
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is next for the project and the bodies >> we're live in richmond where acelot standoff continues as officers tried to make communication with a m,,,,,,,,,,
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